All meals are subject to availability and change.
Our chef creates different meals each week to ensure a good variety and seasonal local produce is utilized. Seasons and freshness dictate what he makes each week.
We do of course have our favourites that are made each and every week. These and weekly specials can be viewed on our Instagram and facebook page every Tuesday.

Home deliveries
Home deliveries are available every Thursday and Friday. Minimum order is $30 and delivery fee is $5.
Weekly menu can be viewed from our Instagram and facebook page on Tuesday. Orders must be in by 12pm Wednesday and sent to Payments can be made by bank transfer (from invoice sent to you), card payment (supply details on order or we can ring you) or COD.

Talk to our Head Chef Geoff Cook about your party requirements. We are happy to help.

Download a copy of our menu

Slow Simmered Sauces
• Napolitana
• Bolognaise
• Creamy Leek & Jarlsberg
• Creamy Thai Coconut & Coriander
• Roasted Eggplant & Red Capsicum

Prepared Meals
• Beef Lasagne
• Vegetable Lasagne

New Flavoured Lasagne
• Butter Chicken Lasagne
• Mexicana Lasagne
• Rump Steak & Mushroom Lasagne
• Spinach Ricotta & Pumpkin Lasagne
• Tandoori Lamb Lasagne
• Thai Chicken & Prawn Lasagne
• Pumpkin & Pinenut Cannelloni
• Spinach & Ricotta Canelloni

Seasonal Dishes
• Casseroles
• Curries
• Desserts
• Salads
• Soups

Gourmet Filled Ravioli
• Asian Style Duck in Black Sesame & Shallot Pasta
• Braised Leg Lamb Minted Peas & Fetta
• Chicken & Leek
• Chorizo & Tomato in Pepper Pasta
• Four Cheeses & Chive
• Gorgonzola Walnut & Pear
• Mushroom Eggplant 7 Roasted Garlic
• Prawn Chilli & Garlic in Saffron Pasta
• Pumpkin & Sage
• Pumpkin Sage & Goat’s Cheese
• Roasted Beetroot & Ricotta
• Spinach Ricotta & Parmesan in Red Capsicum & Garlic Pasta
• Wagyu Beef

Seasonal Ravioli
• Smoked Salmon Desiree Potato & Dill
Cooking Instructions for strand pasta
Shake gently to loosen strands before placing into a large pot of boiling salted water. Fettucine, Pappardelle & Spaghetti will be al dente in 3 minutes, Linguine in 2½ minutes Angel Hair in 1 minute. Drain pasta and serve with your favourite sauce.

Fresh Strand Pasta
• Angel Hair
• Fettucine
• Linguine
• Pappardelle
• Spaghetti
Flavours Include:
• Beetroot
• Chilli & Garlic
• Cracked Pepper
• Fresh Egg
• Fresh Spinach
• Olive Oil
• Saffron
• Spelt
• Squid Ink

• Potato
• Beetroot
• Kumara
• Medley
Cooking instructions for gnocchi
DO NOT DEFROST. Drop frozen gnocchi into boiling salted water. Remove immediately as they rise to the surface. Approx 1 – 1 ½