All products are produced by Head Chef Geoff Cook and his team.

Pastas are produced with state of the art pasta equipment using 100% Australian Durum Wheat from Manildra 'the Gem of the West.'

We use fresh local free range eggs from Libreri Farms.
Our Chef's Gourmet Ravioli Selection
1. Spinach, Ricotta Parmesan (in Red Capsicum & Garlic Pasta)
2. Four Cheeses & Chives (Ricotta, Parmesan, Pecorino, Romano)PASTA-232
3. Butternut Pumpkin & Fresh Sage
4. Sweet Potato, Parmesan, Pinenut
5. Butternut Pumpkin, Sage & Goats Cheese
6. Mushroom & Eggplant
7. Wagyu Beef (Tajima Wagyu 8-9 Marble Score)
8. Chicken & Leak
9. Macleay Valley Farmed Rabbit with Double Smoked Bacon and Chicken
10.Apple Cider Braised Pork Shoulder with Double Crackling
11.Peking Duck in Green Onion & Black Sesame Seed Pasta
12.Roasted Chorizo Sausage, Cherry Tomato in Cracked Pepper Pasta
13.Smoke Salmon with Desiré Potato  and Dill
14.King Prawn with Chilli & Garlic in Coriander Pasta
15.Blue Swimmer Crab
16.Beetroot and Ricotta Ravioli
17.Lamb Shank & Minted Peas and Feta
18.Osso Bucco
19.Goganzolla Cheese & Wallnuts

Strand Egg Pastas
1. Spaghetti
2. Fettucinistrandpasta

3. Linguine
4. Angel Hair
5. Pappardelle
6. Lasagne Sheets

Strand Egg Pastas produced in these flavours
1. Fresh Spinach
2. Red Capsicum & Garlic
3. Chilli & Garlic
4. Cracked Pepper
5. Squid Ink
6. Saffron

1. Potato
2. Kumara

1. Butternut Pumpkin & Pine Nut
2. Spinach & Ricotta

1.Traditional Beef
PASTA-2452. Vegetable - layered with butternut pumpkin, spinach and feta, wood fired capsicum and eggplant, topped with béchamel.
3. Rump Steak & Mushroom - slices of roasted yearling rump in layers with fresh pasta sheets and dijon mustard and mushroom sauce.
4. Tandoori Lamb - slices of roasted leg in layers of fresh pasta with tandoori sauce topped with caramelised onions.
5. Thai Chicken and Prawn - slices of poached chicken breast and whole prawns with a creamy thai coconut coriander sauce.
6. Mexicana - layers of fresh pasta sheets and chilli con can, topped with sour cream.
7. Spinach Pumpkin and Ricotta Spinach Pasta sheets

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